Financial and Customer Protection

At Gee 7 we have considerable expertise in identifying and quantifying all forms of risk and then offering specific solutions to reduce or fully mitigate it's impact.

This will often involve the sourcing of insurance products and quotations from across the whole of the market. As a Lloyd’s Coverholder however we have a unique advantage in being able to design and administer bespoke schemes.

As individuals we routinely prioritise the insurance of our most prized possessions – our property, car(s), holidays, health, income and our own life against the most common risks.

But all too often companies overlook the need to insure their most prized possessions – their people and their balance sheet.

We can offer advice on a full range of company schemes such as:

But it's not just protection for your business in which we have expertise. We also specialise in designing and administering bespoke insurance products designed to protect your customers. 

Obviously each scenario is different depending upon the nature of the customer/business relationship but some examples of areas in which we have been able to provide added value are as follows:

Train / bus companies and football clubs: Season ticket insurance – against loss, damage or theft.

Recruitment/Personnel Agencies – Hospital Cash & Personal Accident insurance.

We are flexible enough to consider all opportunities.

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